Personal Branding Photography

Attract clients with professional photos that will make your competitors jealous!

Tired of using phone selfies as your display picture on social media?
Wish you had some awesome shots of your shop/workplace to use on your google listing to attract more clients?
Feel like all the photos on your instagram feed or website look too different and inconsistent?
Wish you had a few photos of you in action to show your clients how you make your product?

I can help!

Attract clients with professional photos that will make your competitors jealous!

Social media content

Professional headshots

What you need

Website content

What I do

What's Personal Branding Photography?

Photography for your brand that focuses on your personality and matches the mood and feeling of your business.

Products shots
Workspace & in action shots
Details & close ups

I'm a photographer.

Passionate, dog approved and not afraid to get muddy.

I have a passion for raw emotions and authentic storytelling. I like the real stuff, people who celebrate their own quirks and break tradition to do things their own way.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘I HATE having my photo taken, I’m not photogenic AT ALL’. Well I hear ya’. I’m the same. Point a camera at me and I’ll suddenly turn into a giggly 4 year old making funny faces and hiding my face in my jumper. And that’s because most of the time when someone takes your photo they will ask you to look straight at the camera and smile. So cringe.

Well I don't do that. I make it fun, I tell stupid jokes to make you relax and capture real natural smiles. 

Check out my instagram stories for some behind the scenes photos and other random stuff including loads of sarcasm and occasional swearing.

hi I'm Lucie

The Process

How does this work?


Fill in my contact form

Include as little or as much info as you want. If you have no idea what you want/need, not to worry, we can figure this out together.

If you know exactly what you need, tell me aaaaall about it and we’ll make plans together!



We’ll schedule a phone/skype consultation (or exchange a few emails if you prefer) to discuss your vision and how I will help make it happen.


Preparing for your session

I will send you a Session Guide with loads of helpful tips and tricks to prepare for your session.


Your Session

On the day of your session, I will guide you through the whole session and we’ll have some fun creating awesome photos together.


Level up!

Once your photos are ready it’s time to upgrade your business by updating your website and social media with all the amazing content we created together. Update your profile picture, and start posting loads of professional looking photos of your product(s)/service(s) onto social media etc…

Let's do this!


Lucie did a professional shoot for me. I am really pleased with the results. The quality is great but what I like the most is the originality. She made me feel very comfortable during the shoot and it shows. I’m very impressed.

- Ian Hornett -

"She made me feel very comfortable during the shoot"

We’ve been planning a shoot for a while and shot on Sunday in London. I was super nervous but Lucie made me feel comfortable and we had great fun adventuring round the city late at night. The first of many times Lucie and I will be working together! 

- Greg Longman -

"One of the most talented and creative people I know"


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